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Make Money with Google Traffic Pump

Filed in: Make Money Reviews by Claus on 09-23-10

I got The Google Traffic Pump System last week. I have now read through it and seen the videos and it is a very well put together package. This is a very smart way to drive traffic to any website or offer you have using some very smart free tools from Google to help you make money online.

The whole thing is broken down into easy to follow steps and I love the way that all the steps has Videos that show you what to do, and also it is all in the report to be able to read as well. As I am a speed reader I always feel a bit frustrated when there is only video and I have to watch it all, as I do not have much time, so being able to read a 100 page report is a great way for me to get through the system. Then I went through the Videos so I could get a better understanding of all the steps, very well done.

I have done a small test implementation of this and it did not give me the “Tons of Traffic” that the sales letter promised, but I did see some results within an hour, and as I said for my test I had it scaled right down as I want to test the process.

My next step will be to implement it for this Blog and I will be doing it full size as it is explained in the system, so I suspect it will definitely have a big impact on my site traffic. At the moment of writing this post I have had about 12 visitors to this blog and I suspect 7 of them are from friends, so I only have one place to go, and that is up :-)

I will mark it in my calendar to comment on how this worked for me after 1 month of implementing it and I will put a link in here to the update when I have done that. So stayed tuned.

So as a conclusion let me just say, this will not propel your site to the top in 15 minutes, but it does look like a very sound method of driving very targeted traffic to your site. The methods described are free and as such there will be some work required from you, but that is a very acceptable trade off for me.

If you want to have a look at this product just click here: The Google Traffic Pump System

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Make Money with Atomic Blogging

Filed in: Make Money Reviews by Claus on 09-17-10

I bought Atomic Blogging at the beginning of 2009 when it was version 2 and upgraded at the end of 2009 to version 3.0 which is his current version. I set up a blog which has since been replaced by this one and I have learnt a lot since reading this, and since rereading it for this review I have learnt even more.

If you use HostGator as your hosting company then that is what Alvin uses as well and he has nice screen shots taking you step by step through the process of setting up your HostGater account, your domain and finally installing WordPress to have your Blog. I like the simple explanation he has and it was easy to get it all setup in an afternoon.

After taking you through some essential steps to make your blog Search Engine Optimised (SEO) then he goes onto explain how to install the Blogging Modules and Themes that come with the package. Again it is all done with screen shots explaining every step, so very straight forward to follow for anyone. Now I am not necessarily a good yardstick of what is easy to understand, as I have 20 years + of IT experience, but when I started with Atomic Blogger it was the 1st time I had worked with WordPress and blogging software, so I do feel there is no need to be a tech guru like me, and any normal intelligent person can follow the instructions here.

After showing you how to set up the blog then Alive goes in to a great deal of depth to explain how to optimise your blog and the posts to be SEO so you can rank high on search engines like Google and yahoo for your chosen keywords. This was really very illuminating to me as I had not though about this until I read Alvin’s book. To show you how important it is to know this stuff, I thought I had it all figured out, and I was a bit disappointed that I could not find this blog in Google, even if I typed the url in the search. So after some reading I was looking in all the settings and re-reading the chapters on set up (as I was a guru I obviously set this blog up from memory without referring to Atomic Blogging) and I noticed the switch that told my blog to BLOCK ALL spiders , which is how search engines find out about your site. So after beating myself around the head with a wet fish, I flicked the switch to allow the search engines to see my site, and now I am waiting with baited breath for them to come visit my site again so I can start to be listed. No wonder I was not getting any visitors to my blog.. a real duhhh moment for me.

So I can tell you that Alvin knows his stuff and if , unlike me, you follow the step by step instructions then you will be off to a great start in setting up a great blog. Then all you need to do is fill it up with great content and follow the steps on traffic generating that Alvin also goes into detail about. My recommendation for this product gets full 5 stars.

If you want to see his sales page just click here – Atomic Blogging

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Web Hosting & Tools

Filed in: Tools by Claus on 09-16-10

I am still re-reviewing Atomic Blogging so I thought it might be useful to do a quick post on some of the tools I have started to use and what Web hosting companies I use.

Every report you get will at some point recommend a Web Hosting companies for you to use as this is needed if you want to have a blog you own or a website to put up. I use HostGator. I started to use them nearly 2 years ago and yes I will be renewing this year. Their Baby Plan is what I have and it is $9.95 per month at the time of writing. They let you have unlimited domains and the control panel is easy to use. I can have as many email addresses as I want and there is no limit to the amount of traffic I can have. This is important in case I suddenly get a flood of traffic to one of my site and I will not get hit up with a big fee. This blog is hosted on HostGator and to date I have not had any problems. I had issues getting to one of my domains one day and I called their support line and get through very quickly to a chap who knew exactly how to check and it was not an issue with them but my internet provider at home. So their support is also great. There are lots of companies out there who provide hosting, and all I can say with some 20 years experience in the IT industry, I do not have anything bad to say about HostGator, and I recommend them to all my friends, and that is the highest praise I can give a company. You can check them out by clicking here – HostGator

Now some tools I have started to use to make my life easier.

I wanted to be able to see how many people come to my website and to this end I have installed StatCount on my blogs. They have got high praise from everywhere I have checked, and best of all they are Free. They have a plug in for WordPress so it is very easy to install on your blog. They also provide you code so you can use it on virtually any website by just copy and paste the code they give you into your web site. I will be installing it on this blog today, if my day job gives me 10 minutes to do that. I have already installed it on my other blog, Practical Parents, and if you head over there you will see it bottom left in the footer. There have been 2 users since I installed it yesterday, and I can log into StatCount to see information on the users. They were both from the USA.
To set up a free account just go here – Free Web Stats

My final tool I would no longer live without is RoboForm. It is not free but it saves my brain from overload every day. It is basically a software you install and then it will remember every username and password I have every setup including the webpage it was used on. So when I need to log into my blog or to StatCount or any other site, I just click on the link (like my Favourite in the browse) and it automatically takes me to the site and logs me in, without me having to remember username and passwords. An absolute god send. I have been using it now for some 8 months and already have over 70 username and passwords that have been saved. Additionally you can get it to fill in web forms for you with your name and address and email etc, although I have not really used this functionality yet.
If you want to check them out just click here – RoboForm Free Trial

So that is all for today.

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What is Make Money Reviews About

Filed in: Make Money Reviews by Claus on 09-14-10

So I have now got my other Blog set up approximately and it is in a subject area very close to my heart, parenting. You can have a look at it by clicking here, Practical Parents

Now it is time to start writing to this blog. What I am using this blog for is to write reviews only on products I have seen and tested, or at least read through. There are so many scam review sites out there, where they just take the sales letter of the product or service and then write a review of it from that, and hope you click through their link to buy a product so they make some commissions. Don’t get me wrong, I would like you to click through any of my links as well as I am trying to make money for me and my family, but I only want you to buy a product if I think it is any good.

I have got lost of products I have bought over the years and like so many I have been guilty of only reading it and taking small actions and then not seeing any major returns and leaving it to gather dust on my electronic shelf. Now I will be going through all these products, so I can learn what they are trying to teach me and at the same time I will write a review of my impression of the material and then I am hoping to do a follow up on the ones I find do really well for me. I have used Atomic Blog to set up some of my blogs so I can tell you the information is good. I will probably make this my 1st review as I have used it for over a year now and it will be good to go over it again in detail to see which bits I am not using yet.

I will also share some tools and any tricks and tips I find along the way so hopefully there will be information for everyone here, not just the buyers of online money making systems.

My 1st order of the day is to make sure I write a blog post a day during the working week to either this blog or my other one, to make sure we get some good information up here.

I hope some people might find these blogs useful and would love anyone to comment on my blogs. I will be manually approving any post, but if it is from a human and not from a spam bot and adds value then I will be approving any comments, including a link to your site or blog so we can get some link sharing going.

Also if anyone wants some help or advice feel free to send me a mail from our contact page I will be setting up and I will do my best to answer any questions. And if you would like to post a review good or bad about a product you have bought and tried feel free to email it and I will post it making sure I give you credit for it.

I hope we can help each other to make sure the honest people online can help each other avoid the scammers and promote the real geniune people and products out there.

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